Salesloft Review: A Comprehensive Guide to SalesLoft Online Lead Generation Platform (2023)

SaleLoft is a sales team management software that allows you to easily build and manage your own sales team.

The product was designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, but it can be used by anyone who has to manage their sales team. In this salesloft review let’s take a look at how the software works and its pros and cons.

Salesloft Review: Overview

Salesloft is a marketing automation tool that helps software companies close more sales. The company/idea comes from the co-founders of Hootsuite and Hubspot who have taken the best practices from their experience at those companies and have molded them into Salesloft.

Salesloft helps increase sales by 8% per month on average by using: lead nurturing, CRM integration, customizable drip email sequences and automated notifications to existing contacts converted through social media promotion or content sharing.

And it does so without forcing customers to call; instead it uses analytics for CRM connections to determine the best time to reach out.

Salesloft is a SaaS application that runs on-premises or in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). It can run on any web server with PHP, Ruby and MySQL support. Salesloft has been used by companies such as HubSpot, Zendesk and Hootsuite among others.

Salesloft Review: Key Features

The key features of salesloft are the following:

1. Salesloft is a web-based application that allows you to create and manage your campaigns. You can also monitor your performance, set up alerts and automate tasks.

It will help you organize all the activities related to marketing in one place so that it becomes easier for you to keep track of them.

It has an intuitive UI which makes it easy for anyone who wants more information about any particular campaign or activity performed on SalesLoft platform as well as checking their progress over time with various KPIs like conversion rates, revenue and so on.

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2. Salesloft also allows you to create and manage your email campaigns, generate landing pages and track the results of all marketing activities performed through SalesLoft platform.

The application is completely customizable with a variety of options that allow you to set up different types or variations for each campaign depending upon the needs of your business.

You can use it as an effective tool for managing sales leads generation process by creating customized templates along with various tracking features like conversion rate, revenue etc., which will help you in improving efficiency levels from time to time without any difficulty at all.

The user interface of SalesLoft is very simple and intuitive, which makes it easy for anyone to use the application without any difficulty.

3. Salesloft has a feature called "Coupon" that allows you to create coupons and discounts on different products or services offered by your business.

The coupon can be used as an effective tool in generating leads from customers who are interested in purchasing those particular products or services at discounted rates.

This will help you generate more sales through this process over time with consistency too, because people tend to buy things only when they get some kind of discount offer on them so that's why it's a very effective marketing technique.

4. SalesLoft has an option called "Leads" which will show you all the leads that have been generated from your campaigns and landing pages over time with various metrics like conversion rates, revenue etc., so that you can analyze how well these particular activities are going to help in increasing sales levels of your business over time.

5. The application also allows users to create customized templates for each campaign or activity performed on SalesLoft platform by simply dragging and dropping different elements into their respective places according to their requirements.

This way they can save some valuable space as well as time, because if they have to create the same template again and again for all their different campaigns or activities then that will cause some wastage of both space and time.

6. The application also allows you to add images, videos etc., into your landing pages which can help in increasing conversion rates over time by providing a better user experience than what is already available on other platforms like Facebook , Twitter etc.

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Salesloft Review: A Comprehensive Guide to SalesLoft Online Lead Generation Platform (1)

Salesloft Review: How Does Salesloft Work?

The interface for this software looks very much like any other standard CRM application:

  • There are tabs across the top that allow you to access different areas of the program
  • Below each tab there is an area where all your data will be displayed on screen at once (this makes it easier than having separate pages for each individual contact).

A large portion of the software is dedicated to your sales team. Each member of your staff will be listed on a separate page, and you can add notes about them as well as view their entire history in one place (you can also see which contacts are already assigned to them).

You'll have access to all their details at any time: credit card information, bank account details and even social security numbers if required. It's not uncommon for this type of data to be stored by other CRM systems; however it's important that you only keep such sensitive information with your own company.

When you add a new contact to your list, they'll be assigned a number (which will appear on their record). This is the way that Salesloft identifies each individual contact with your business.

You can also assign them to one of four roles: prospect, lead, client or customer if required; this allows you to track how well they are progressing through different stages in the sales process as it happens.

The other main part of this software is dedicated entirely towards managing and tracking your clients' records. Each client has an account which can be viewed by logging into the system; the system will then display all of their details, allowing you to keep track of what they've purchased and how much it is costing your business.

You can also access information about each client directly from within Salesloft: if you click on a contact's record in the main area, this brings up an individual page which shows more detailed information about them (this allows for greater flexibility than having separate pages for every customer).

Salesloft offers two payment options when dealing with clients: either by credit card or through PayPal.

The first option may be preferred by some small businesses as it means they can process payments themselves, and it also means that they don't have to store sensitive card details in their own system.

However the second option offers more flexibility as you can split up your clients' purchases into separate invoices; this may be preferred by larger businesses who wish to keep track of all their expenses.

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Salesloft Review: Benefits

Using Salesloft is easy and very simple, but that doesn't mean it isn't effective. Using the system is one of the many ways to increase your sales over time. It will help you learn how to use tools like e-mail marketing and social media marketing to reach your customers.

It also helps you find new leads, build a list of people who are interested in what you offer, and get feedback on how you're doing as a business owner. Here are 5 benefits of using salesloft.

1. Get Email Marketing Done Right- You can use the system to create and send email marketing campaigns, which is a great way to reach your customers in an effective manner.

The platform allows you to set up different types of emails that will be sent out through various channels like social media sites, email lists or newsletters.

You can also personalize each campaign for maximum effectiveness as well as boost engagement by including images and links within each one of them (which increases click rates). This means more sales!

2. Learn How To Use Social Media Platforms Effectively- With Saleslo ft, you can learn how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in the most effective manner.

You'll be able to see what works well for your business or product and which ones don't work as well (which is important because it will help you make an informed decision about where your focus should lie).

This way, you're sure that all of your marketing efforts are being used effectively so that they result in more sales over time.

3. Build A List Of Potential Customers- The system allows users to build a list of potential customers who are interested in what they offer through various channels like email, social media and more.

The list will be able to grow over time as you get feedback from the people who have purchased your product or service in the past. This is a great way for you to find new customers because it creates a relationship between them and what you offer that leads to future sales.

4. Get Feedback On How You're Doing As A Business Owner- The system allows users to ask questions about their business through surveys which can help them learn how they are doing as an entrepreneur so that they know where improvements need to be made (in order for their businesses or products to be more successful).

This can help them learn how to improve their marketing efforts so that they have a better chance of making sales in the future.

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5. Get Real-Time Data On Sales And Marketing Efforts- The system allows users to see real-time data on sales and marketing efforts like email campaigns, social media posts, blog comments and more.

It will allow you to make an informed decision about what your next steps should be as far as building up your business or product's presence online (which is important because it helps ensure that all of your paid advertising dollars are being used effectively).

Salesloft Review: Drawbacks

The company says these are common complaints about the software:

1. Salesloft duplicates many of the most useful features of Salesforce which have been around for decades and don’t require an expensive subscription with Salesforce as a prerequisite.

The ability to manage your entire SDR/BDR pipeline from one place isn’t worth all this extra work (in my opinion) if you can get 99%+ of what you need in other ways, such as Google Docs spreadsheets integrated into Slack or Basecamp, which provide enough functionality without ever having to open Salesloft itself.

2. Moreover, Salesloft is not a true CRM in the sense that it doesn’t track all your contacts and reports on them. It only tracks leads which are then automatically converted to sales opportunities (SDRs).

If you don’t have enough of these types of SDR/BDR opportunities, this means you can never get back into the black even if everything else works perfectly well.

3. Salesloft also requires you to run your entire sales team through the same funnel, which isn’t always a good idea in my opinion because it can result in duplicate contacts and opportunities being created.

For example, I might want to give an email campaign to one of my top prospects via LinkedIn but then automatically create a new opportunity for that person on Salesloft without ever having met them or even knowing anything about them .

This is not something that happens with Hubspot or Marketo , because these tools allow you to run campaigns for different prospects in parallel, allowing you to focus on the best ones at any given time.

4. Salesloft also doesn’t track your sales team and sales managers very well. It only tracks their activity (such as calls made or leads generated) but not how they are performing against those goals.

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